Visibility with just the company’s users: If you want to set your visibility with just the users under your company-

  • Go to “Brokers” tab
  • Select “Self-brokers”
  • Click “Save & Update”


Visibility with other Brokers in Verimoto: 

If you want to set your visibility with All the brokers in Verimoto-

  • Go to “Brokers” tab
  • Select “All Across Verimoto”
  • Click “Save & Update”



If you want to block any Broker company, select “All across Verimoto” and click on “View companies and brokers”






  1. Search the name of the Broker Company.
  2. Disable the toggle button for companies you want to be visible.




If you want to Block a specific Broker within a Broker company, click on “View Brokers” button against that company.




  • Uncheck the broker(s) you want to block.