The Lender Admin will have access to activate multiple inspection types from the “Inspections Type” tab. 

By default, “New Lending” Inspection type will be activated for all the assets with all the available documents. You can customize the document list of each inspection type for each assets & state and activate multiple inspection types.





  • Go to “Inspection type” tab
  • Select the “Asset” and “State” you want to customize the document list
  • You can also select “Apply same condition for all state”, if you want to keep the same document list for each state




                        1. You can Select/ Unselect the entire document section

                        2. You can Select/ Unselect individual documents under document section



                1. Once the document list is finalized, click the “Activate” button to activate that “Inspection type”

                2. Click on “Save and update” to save the changes. These changes will be reflected to all the new Inspections                                created under OR from your Lender company. 


  • You can also deactivate any Inspection type by clicking the “Deactivate” button.