You will first need an illion account.   


Simply sign up online at and select the plan suitable for your needs. After successfully completing the Sign-up process, you will be provided with a 4-digit referrer code. You will need the referral code as part of theVerimoto illion integration setup.    

  • Now Login to your Verimoto Portal account 
  • Go to ‘Settings’  
  • Select Integrationand click on the ACTIVATE button under illion

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  • You will then be presented with the following screen: 

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  • Enter your four-digit referral code  
  • If you would also like to receive a separate email (to the email address you have registered with illion) with the bank account information included in the inspection by the vendor, then please enable this feature by ticking the response to Yes, I do want.  
  • Once completed please click on "Save Settings"  


From now on when an inspection is created vendors using the Verimoto web app will be presented with the option to either take a “Photo of Bank Statement” or to retrieve the Bank Statement details from “”.