Multiple people can complete different sections of the inspection, using separate devices (smartphones, tablets, iPads) from different locations.  


Follow the below steps to get the inspection completed:   


  • Initially, the asset owner should receive an email and SMS to progress with the inspection. 
  • The seller can start the inspection by clicking the web app link received in the SMS/Email.  
  • The inspection ID and email get auto-populated. You can click the “Log in Verimoto” button to proceed. 
    NOTE: If the inspection ID and email are not auto-populated, you need to manually enter the Inspection ID and the email on which the inspection ID was received. 
  • Nextyou will receive One-time pin (OTP) on this email. Provide this OTP to the application to proceed. 
  • Now start capturing the documents Driver's license, Rego, Bank statements and Roadworthy certificate, if applicable. 
  • Once done share the URL and login credentials (inspection ID and email IDto the second person. Once this user clicks on Log in Verimoto, you will receive the OTP, which you can forward to this second person to proceed. After providing the OTP to the application, the second person will be able to access all the uploaded documents and can capture the missing documents in the respective sections. 
    NOTE: To prevent passing any sensitive document to the other person, you can opt to get the documents from the other person first and then proceed to upload any sensitive document. You can choose any section in any order to begin uploading the documents.