Select Start on the dashboard.  

Enter the Seller details  First Name, surname, Email id, Phone number, and Lender reference.

In lender reference, please provide the correct loan/deal/lender reference number.

Please note that the below lenders have a specific format of loan numbers.

Azora: 10 characters Commencing with 'C00000' and then 4 digits. Eg: C000001234

Macquarie: 10 characters Commencing with 'ILN' or 'ELN' followed by 7 digit number starting with 7 (ie ELN7##### or ILN7#####). Eg: ELN7876243

Wisr: 6 characters Commencing with '2' or '3' and then 5 digits. Eg: 212345

Enter Buyer details   

Select the Lender from the dropdown menu and choose Next 

Verify the details and select Submit.


Your request has been created successfully! An email and text message will be sent to the seller informing them of your application.