Multiple people can complete different sections of the inspection, using separate mobile phones from different locations. 

Once a seller/vendor has created a password these same details (inspection ID, email address of the seller/vendor registered with the inspection and the password) can be used on any other device that has downloaded the Verimoto app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. 


Before another device attempts to log into the same application ensure every other device accessing that inspection ID has logged out  

Follow the below steps to get the inspection completed  

  • Initially, the owner should receive an email and SMS to progress with the inspection 
  • Install the Verimoto App Using the link received on the email/SMS 
  • Enter the email address Inspection ID and create a password  
  • Now start capturing the documents Driver license, Rego, Bank statements and Roadworthy certificate if applicable 
  • Once done now share the login credentials to the second person next to the asset 
  • They will need to just download the Verimoto app enter the login details start capturing the vehicle Photos and submit the inspection.