In order to add your Credit Card details, you will first need to 'Select a Plan'.

Once you have selected a plan it prompts you to add your Credit Card details, which creates a subscription allowing you to pay for one inspection at a time with your securely stored Credit Card details.


  • Go to your profile icon 
  • Choose 'Settings' 
  • Select 'Billings' 
  • Select 'Join a Plan' 


  • Add your Credit Card details 

  • Select 'Pay' 


This creates a subscription allowing you to use your Credit Card and to pay for one inspection at a time.  


When verifying your Credit Card details most Australian banks will create a $1 pre-auth transaction, which is just a temporary hold of funds (and not a payment) that will eventually expire.  Our payment gateway provider immediately sends a void request after the initial check, but often the banks ignore these messages (for increased protection against potential fraud) with its expiry time controlled by your bank. This is not a payment to Verimoto.  As soon as the card details are verified you will be able to create inspections without any issues.