This is the default status when a new Inspection is created. The asset owner has received the email/SMS notification but they have not downloaded the app/logged into it.


If the Asset Owner has not accessed the Inspection in the first 24 hours after it has been created

In Progress

When the Asset Owner has downloaded Verimoto Mobile App and  has logged in but, has not finished, the status is changed to "In Progress"


After the Asset Owner has uploaded all the documents, at this stage, the pictures are sent to Verimoto Admin team to do the last checks


If the Verimoto Administrator team rejects at least one picture from the inspection, Asset Owner gets notified and needs to re-upload the incorrect pictures


 When the Verimoto Administrator has approved the Inspection. The report is now available to the collector. No further action needed from the Asset Owner, all pictures uploaded are compliant with Verimoto checks.