Nothing simpler!

Just follow these steps:

Find and prepare the required documents for ID verification, vehicle details, Registration papers and bankstatements respectively

Download the verimoto app using the App link received in SMS or email 


Launch the Verimoto application 

   a. Click on "VERIFY CAR" 

   b. Enter the Inspection ID, Email ID and click next to register for an account.


Verify Id 


    a. Select Verify Id

    b. Choose "YES" if you are the Owner of the Vehicle; in case you aren’t, choose "NO" to provide your relationship with the Vehicle’s owner to proceed further.

    c. Next upload the Driver License images and Click "OK" to take a selfie for facial recognition.


Once done click on  SUBMIT to submit the  images.  

Vehicle Details 

    a. Select Vehicle Details to upload images for VIN ,Number Plate and specified Vehicle image.

    b. To find the VIN and Number plate details we have a help screen displayed on the screen right when the user visits the vehicle details process. Click on  Ok got it , to proceed to capture.



    c. Click on the camera icon and hold the device still for the camera to take a picture and select  Next 


Upload all the requested  images and click on  SUBMIT.

Registration papers

    a. Select the state where the vehicle is registered.

    b. If it is mandatory to upload the registration papers, click on Take a photoif your lender allows you to skip the step capture the registration paper, click on  I do not have a physical copy and move to next step BankStatements 

    c. If the selected state is not QLD or ‘VIC, follow the below steps. 

  1. Click on the Camera icon to capture the front side of the registration paper. 
  2. Make sure the whole registration paper is enclosed inside the camera guidelines 
  3. Once completed click on arrow icon and choose SUBMIT.




   d. If the selected state is QLD or ‘VICfollow the below steps. 

  1. Click on the Camera icon to capture the front side of the registration paper.

  1. Make sure the whole registration paper is enclosed inside the camera guidelines. 

  1. Click on arrow icon,Choose Next.

  2. Capture the back side of registration paper and click SUBMIT.

Bank statements

    a. Select  Bank statements Choose "Photo of Bank Statement

    b. Help screen for Bank statement will be displayed on the screen, click ‘Ok got it!’ to proceed to capture the image of bank statement.

    c. Capture the image of bank statement and click on ‘SUBMIT’


Submit Inspection

    a. Once all the documents are uploaded successfully Click on ‘SUBMIT INSPECTION’ 

    b. Privacy policy will be displayed on the screen. Proceed by clicking on ‘Submit’ if you have agreed to the privacy policy. 

    c. Inspection will be submitted successfully.