The users with Admin role in Verimoto  have access to invite or remove the users and are responsible for;

  • Maintaining the list of users with access, including a regular review to ensure it remains appropriate and all users who no longer require access are removed.
  • Assigning and maintaining appropriate user access/roles/permissions, appropriately limiting those with administrator level of access to ensure appropriate security practices are used to prevent unauthorized access by anyone other than authorized personnel.
  • Ensuring the supervision, management, and control of the use of Verimoto by authorized users.
  • Maintaining the security of data associated with integrations and API’s connected to Verimoto which may result in confidential or sensitive data moving outside of the platform into third party applications.
  • Creating, relocating, editing, viewing and tracking inspections in Verimoto.

"Collectors" have limited access to the Verimoto configuration setup. It is mostly used by operations team. Their main access is to create, manage, review inspections and download inspection reports from the portal.

Follow the below Steps to invite a new user 

Step 1. Click on “Settings” in the Verimoto Home page.

Step 2. Click on “Users” and click on “Invite new Collector”

Enter their details and click on Save” to invite your colleagues!

Once saved they will receive an invite email to join you, ask them to click on the email received to register for an account and activate their account.