Step 1.Launch the Verimoto portal registration page

Step 2.Enter the Email & Password and click on “SIGN UP” button in the Sign-Up page.

Step 3.Verify your account by clicking on “ACTIVATE” button received in the email.

  A verification email will be sent to your email address, verify your account by clicking on “ACTIVATE” button.

Step 4.Accept the terms and conditions and click on “PROCEED”

Step 5.Complete your Profile and click on “SAVE”

Enter “First Name”, “Surname”, “Mobile Number” and Click on “SAVE”.

Step 6.Click on “Settings” in the Verimoto Home page.

Step 7.Enter the Company Details and click on “Create Company” button.

Step 8.Click on “Integrations” and click on “ACTIVATE”

Step 9.Click on “SAVE SETTINGS” button.