13th October 2023

New Features and Enhancements

Broker/Lender Portal:

    - In Edit Inspection, we have now included option to share more information for better accuracy and ease of use.

    - Ability to re-add removed Users

Seller Web App:

    - We have added a new warning message that will appear when the "Ok, I got it" button is disabled, reminding users to scroll through all the help images.

    - We have also added a pop-up message that will appear before opening the camera, reminding users to wait until the camera is properly focused, and the image is clear.


    -Based on lender configurations, allow users to cancel for started / rejected inspections.

    -Allow lenders to access all inspections created for them through B2B API

Release Version: 

https://portal2.verimoto.com/#  V-3.6

https://verify3.verimoto.com/#   V-1.5