15th July 2022

We've introduced Verimoto new broker portal https://portal2.verimoto.com/#, Introducing new functionalities, and performance improvements.

  • Ability to Modify/Adjust Created Inspections whilst in “Created” status – You will be able to edit the inspection if any errors are present as well as cancel the inspection (cancelling will give you the option to delete or recreate with all same data in editable format)

  • Visibility to the Rejected Documents – You will be able to see the rejected photos uploaded by your Vendor and can send customized notes/instructions directly to the vendor via the system.

  • Notification settings – You can control what notifications you get for Inspections you have created.

  • Send Reminders to Vendor – You can now send customized notes/instruction to vendor of respective inspection, if there is delay in any action from them.

  • No Lender Inspections , Broker will have the ability to by-pass the rejected document via portal 

  •  View/Download activity log:  Brokers can view and download the activity log of each inspection to keep records of the activity. Activity log will contain each action on the inspection, timestamp, name, and role of each actor. 

Release  Version: 

New Broker portal 1

New Web app: 1